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Safety is key in our business, so we do everything to guarantee the safety of our customers, our employees and the environment.



As Service Terminal Rotterdam provides services related to the handling of oil and chemicals, we are a so called ‘Major Hazard Company’. Therefore, we must comply to the European SEVESO III directive. This directive aims to prevent and control major industrial accidents involving dangerous goods.

In the Netherlands, the Seveso III directive is captured in the BRZO: Besluit Risico Zware Ongevallen. STR’s prevention policy complies with the BRZO’15 directive. For more information on how we prevent major hazards, please read our general BRZO information and prevention policy (both documents in Dutch).


International Ship and Port facility Security code

Because Logivisi BV Rotterdam has a direct connection with the Port of Rotterdam, we have to comply to the ISPS-code: the International Ship and Port facility Security code. This is a set of security measures applicable to vessels and port facilities across the world, implemented to enhance maritime security.

Logivisi BV is ISPS certified. That means we have:

  • Performed and maintain a risk analysis
  • Prepared and implemented a security plan
  • Appointed a port facility security officer (PFSO) to put the security plan into effect
  • Professional port security, including an identity check at terminal entrance

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