A big benefit of choosing Logivisi BV for your ship-to-ship-transhipments, is the nitrogen service we offer at the same quay.
We are the only one of the few service providers of berths for ship-to-ship transhipments in the Port of Rotterdam that also provide nitrogen, even though – depending on the transferred product – this combination is often required.

By opting for Logivisi BV, you don’t have to waste time by translocating to another terminal to get your tanks purged or blanketed.
We offer nitrogen blanketing and purging to vessels and barges, delivery is possible up to 2,000 cbm/hr.

For more information on our nitrogen services, please contact us.

When you berth at Logivisi BV for nitrogen service, you can benefit from our other time and money saving services as well:
Lay-by Berthing
Ship-to-ship Transhipments
Steam Supply
Partnership Services:
– Rental of fenders and hoses.
– Stores delivery over land.
– Slop and waste disposal.

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